Hi, my name is Ginny Maese, and I teach conformation handling classes here at the Dog Community.  First and foremost, my overall goal is for everyone to be educated in the sport of dog shows and the conformation ring. We offer solid experience and advice to everyone from beginners to the experienced alike.   

The dog show ring is a fun sport but presents numerous challenges to obtain entry into the Winners Circle.  As an owner handler, you must go into this sport knowing the correct structure and breed standard of the dog that you own and are going to show -- all the more reason to do your home work.  It is important to gain knowledge of how to choose a show dog and how to pick one out from a litter that you have bred.  Once you have that perfect puppy, the hard work and dedication to do well in the conformation ring begins.  Remember, you can control the quality of the animal you are showing, the conditioning, the grooming, and its presentation.  Our classes promote all of these aspects and are really a lot of fun. 

We teach everything from proper show equipment to how to move around the ring and "dance" with your dog.  You are a team but you, the handler, are the lead in the dance.  We show you proper movement techniques as well as the correct way to stack your breed.  We also offer table work for the smaller breeds and lots of hands on experience for every dog.

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Ginny at class
Ginny Maese